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What can TrackEngine do for me?    See a demo
Ideal for Competitive Intelligence! As reviewed by Fuld & Co. in their Intelligence Software Report 2002, TrackEngine can alert you to specific events on any given webpage. For example, track your competitor's press releases and be notified when they launch new products. The possibilities are endless!
TrackEngine can make sure you never miss any updates on a web page. Too busy to read your favorite online news for the next few days because of work commitments? No problem! TrackEngine will email you the page with the updates highlighted so that you can read them at leisure later.
TrackEngine can be your live, server-based bookmark repository. Access your bookmarks from any browser in the world! Automatically keep track of which bookmarks have updated content! Never worry about having all your bookmarks wiped out when your PC crashes!

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How is TrackEngine different from other alerting services?
TrackEngine is a tool that can be totally personalised to your needs. Most of the newsletters and alert services out there push canned content. You are usually limited to what the webmasters decide to dish out, or to whatever news sources the service is affiliated with. However, with TrackEngine, all the content on the Web is yours to track, yes, including your competitor's websites.
How do I start using TrackEngine?
This is the easiest part! You can start using TrackEngine without downloading or installing any software. All it takes is a simple drag-and-drop of a button into your browser toolbar, and you are ready to go!

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TrackEngine for Webmasters
If you own or operate your own website, you can easily set up a notification service in 15 minutes. Your visitors will get email alerts whenever you add new content to your webpages. No hassles in maintaining mailing lists and customer preferences!

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