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Q: How do I make use of Keyword Filtering?

This is one of the best features in TrackEngine - the ability to allow users to customize what they want to track on a page itself. TrackEngine intelligently monitors only those changes that deal with your interest area, and only sends these to you, helping to eliminate the great degree of noise on the Internet. For instance, someone tracking a page on food reviews may only be interested when a gourmet he likes is featured. Or a person tracking a page on Olympic sports may only be interested when his country is featured.

Q: How do I decide at what frequency to track a particular page?

The ability to specify the frequency at which you track changes gives you complete freedom and flexibility as to the timeliness of information. If the information is mission critical, you will want to specify TrackEngine to scout for this information at short regular intervals. If you decide not to have an information overload, but still prefer to keep in touch with the topic, TrackEngine allows you to scout for changes only once in a while. This is especially useful for sites which update their pages in an ad-hoc manner, but which has content that would be interesting enough not to miss.

Q: When do I use the different delivery modes?

TrackEngine offers you the flexibility of controlling how much information you want to absorb.

Highlight new content and send me the page
This is useful for understanding the whole context of what has changed, and especially useful when you prefer to have the whole page delivered to you, rather than viewing these through a browser. It's especially convenient to see exactly where and how the new content has come about.

Summarize new content and send me the page
For busy people who just want the gist of what's happening, the summary mode of operation is best. Summary mode works extremely well with sites that display a list of links on the latest happenings. As the list changes, the user is informed, and if she is interested to know more, she can click on the link to find out more.

Highlightnew content and send me the link
Summarize new content and send me the link
And finally, if you are only interested in knowing that something has changed on a page, these modes of operation are best. It's really up to you the user to choose whether or not to view the changes.

Q: Why do I want to use a mask?

A mask allows you to further refine your criteria for tracking. This gives you further control over how and when you want your pages to be tracked. For instance, you may not want TrackEngine to track changes over the weekend, because you are out of the office, or correspondingly, not have TrackEngine send changes on your personal interest during the work week. TrackEngine provides you with the power to totally customize your tracking schedule.

Q: Using search engines with TrackEngine

This is another powerful feature of TrackEngine. Most sites nowadays have search engines that immediately isolates what you want from that site. However, if you are always keeping a lookout for new content on that site related to the search parameter, you will have to go into the site and do the search again. This is certainly not productive.

What TrackEngine does is to perform this labour for you, taking the burden off you to do other more productive things. TrackEngine will track the search on your behalf. Every time there is a change in the search results, you will be notified. What's more, you can further refine your tracking with keyword filtering to alert you only when the search itself provides areas of your interest. This is especially useful in tracking a lot of e-commerce sites and sites with an abundance of information that is rapidly changing.

Q: I have a WAP phone. Can I use TrackEngine on the move?

Yes, TrackEngine gives you a strong reason to feel proud of being a WAP user. We all know that accessing web pages using current WAP technology is not very fast and effective. The whole point of mobile messaging is being able to know what is happening wherever you are.

TrackEngine helps to make mobile messaging easier. By establishing content that you want to monitor over the Internet, you can have a summary of these changes sent to a WAP-enabled email account. This saves you time instead of going to the web pages each time to see if new content has arrived. Let TrackEngine do the work for you, and if something new has really come up, TrackEngine will notify you through e-mail. Accessing your information through e-mail as a single source is simpler and more convenient.

Q: The question marks are there to guide you.

If you have a question about any of the features at any time, the little question marks at the side of each parameter in the user interface are actually context-sensitive links to help pages on the particular feature or topic. We hope you find these useful.

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