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The Internet is an alternate media for advertisements. Internet advertisements are usually in the form of banner ads, which can be tracked by TrackEngine. Product promotions also appear regularly and prominently in corporate home page so that their clients are aware of it and can benefit from the campaign.

To demonstrate tracking of banner advertisement, let us use the example of BT Cellnet ( ). BTCellnet has regular promotion on its home page in the form of banner ads. TrackEngine can be used to track the images and you can even instruct it to deliver only the image without the complete html page!

  1. Click "Track me!" at the BT Cellnet home page.
  2. Switch to the "Expert" mode on the TrackEngine pop up window.
  3. Choose the option, "Summarize new content and send me the page".
  4. Check the option Track changes to: Images.
  5. Uncheck the option Analyze using: Fuzzy matching.

Whenever there is a new banner promotion, you will receive an email something like this:

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