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Track for Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is not espionage! The art of CI is to know how to gather publicly available information, analyse it and form your own conclusion. To Competitive Intelligence (CI) experts, information needed for a CI program is already 90% publicly available and the remaining 10% can be deduced.

Today, the Internet has grown to become a rich source of primary and secondary information, which can be harnessed for organisational CI purposes. TrackEngine, with its intelligent tracking capability, is a wonderful tool for CI practitioners to conduct intelligence gathering. The following examples will illustrate how CI can be successfully accomplished with TrackEngine:

  1. Track Press Releases
  2. Track Product Launch
  3. Track Product Promotion
  4. Track Price Change
  5. Track Executive Appointment
  6. Track New Partnerships/Alliances
  7. Track Forums or Discussion Groups
  8. Track Online Newspapers and Magazines
  9. Track Who is Talking about you on the Internet

The alerts you received from TrackEngine can be archived in your email client. You can set up email filters based on email header so that the alerts are sorted automatically in folders, which can double as knowledge repositories.

If you're not a TrackEngine user yet, then sign up for a free account now. The registration process is simple and you'll receive your username and password by email shortly after you've signed up. Follow the instructions in the email to sign in and set up the 'Track me!' button in your browser.

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