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If you are a brand manager, you will want to know how well your product is perceived by consumers. Internet Forums have become very successful channels for users to express their views. A wise Internet savvy brand manager or PR manager will take such users' feedback seriously by monitoring the appropriate discussion groups to understand users' perception of their brand and product.

Marketing managers can benefit by knowing customers' discussions of competitors. Users' feedback on products can be used to improve the product.

Public relation managers can receive rumours early and react accordingly to squelch the rumours before the mass media publishes it.

There are many discussion groups in the Internet. The most popular is the Usenet, which can be access at . You can also find many other discussion groups at sites like CNNfn which have active discussion on listed companies.

Tracking User Opinions in C|Net

Suppose you are the product manager at Canon responsible for the ink-jet printer "Canon S600". To find out what users are saying about your product, you can go to C|Net ( ) product reviews. In C|Net, users opinions usually appear after the editorial reviews. Click on "All User Opinions" as shown in the diagram.

You will see a new screen showing all the users comments for that chosen product. Unfortunately, by default, user opinions are not sorted by date of contribution. You will need to click on the option "Sort review by: Date". Once you are able to sort the user comments by date you can start tracking the site and you will be automatically informed of new comments in your mailbox!

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