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As I am writing this, the latest score Dodgers-Marline 4-3 just streamed in via TrackEngine. Be the First to know when David Beckham is in the news. Learn about the latest analysis of games in the NBA playoffs.

Yes, while it's true that you can easily go to a dozen of websites nowadays to get news on the above, what you truly want to do is to zoom in to news about your favorite clubs, as and when it happens. TrackEngine helps enormously by monitoring such information as they are reported, ensuring you are always the first to know among your cohort.

In this tutorial, I am going to show a few simple tips on how simple it is to create an alert using TrackEngine. I am going to monitor:

  • Latest scores of LA Dodgers game on New York Times
  • Daily English Soccer on SoccerNet

It's easy. And I am sure you will readily go on and create even more interesting tracks to monitor with TrackEngine.

Prerequisite: Enable your web browser with the "Track me!" button.
If you're not a TrackEngine user yet, then sign up for a free account by clicking here. The registration process is simple and you'll receive your username and password by email shortly after you've signed up. There are a few places where you can enable your web browser with the "Track me!" button.

  • At the QuickStart page, which briefly outlines the workings of TrackEngine for new users upon their first sign-in.
  • At the My Bookmarks page, which gives existing users a quick means of enabling any web browser with the "Track me!" button.

Step 1: Pick your Favorite Sports Site

The New York Times website is one of many where you might find the latest sports happenings. I believe you need to be a registered user, but it's one of the greatest news sites around, so sign up with them.

Go to their sports news headlines. You will notice that these headlines are streaming in quite frequently, and there's everything under the sun from basketball, football to baseball. Well, not everything of your interest, right? What you want to do is to only monitor news specific to your favorite team or club.

If you are monitoring news about Manchester United or English soccer news, try ESPN's SoccerNet.

Step 2: Track Your Favorite Club

Now click on the Track me! button that you have created on your browser toolbar. The TrackEngine Preferences window pops up. There are a host of other parameters you can toggle, but for the moment, the most important parameter to tweak is the Track My Favorite Topics under Hot Stuff.

Now key in the name of your favorite player, club or manager.


Step 3: Receive Daily News

Now sit back and relax. On a daily basis, TrackEngine will scan the sports headlines for your particular topic. All TrackEngine alerts are preceded by [TrackEngine] and you can even rename each bookmark so that you can easily identify these alerts in your mailbox or have these filtered by your mail client.


Hot Tip: Sports Snippets - Good for Mobile Devices

If you use the Summary Mode, you can be receiving pretty compact alerts that you can re-direct to your mobile mailboxes. . You will need to change one of the preferences settings called Please analyze and format: in the Preferences Window as shown above.

To change your report format to Summary Mode, you will need to edit the bookmark you have just created. Go to My Bookmarks, which will display a list of your personal bookmarks.

Find the bookmark you have just created. The bookmarks are usually created with the Title of the HTML page, unless you had changed it. If you can't find the bookmark, especially if it's in one of your folders, the search facility on the TrackEngine site should bring it up.

Click on Edit and a new window will pop up, showing all your preferences. Simply toggle the Highlight Mode to Summary Mode in Please analyze and format.

This is how the Summary Mode output looks like:


Notice that you don't have to bear with all that glare and glitz of the highlighted page but can now concentrate on the core information you are interested in. The best part of it is that you can click on any of the links and return to the site to read the full article.

Do you have a tip to share with other TrackEngine users? If so, pick up your virtual pen now and write to us at!

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