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About TrackEngine

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The Technology

TrackEngine was developed around a core patented "Content Analysis and Differential Engine". Unlike other change detection technologies that utilize checksum methods to identify changes, TrackEngine utilizes heuristics to ensure that not just any new content will trigger an alert. TrackEngine ensures that only significant updates in content, and NOT grammatical and cosmetic updates, are captured and triggered.

TrackEngine allows tracking of:

  • New content on static and dynamically-generated HTML pages
  • New images
  • New hyperlinks

TrackEngine allows delivery of content in:

  • Highlight mode - new content is highlighted
  • Summary mode - new content is packaged into a summary
  • Link mode - a link to the report stored on the server

TrackEngine has a built-in scheduler to allow personalized monitoring according to:

  • Time of day and week
  • Event-triggered scheduling

TrackEngine also allows monitoring of user-authenticated pages as well as secured sites and cookie-regulated sites.

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