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The TrackEngine Mascot

TrackEngine in more arcane English actually means train. Well, in some sense, it is a workhorse of some sort. So not surprisingly, our TrackEngine mascot is a train - a toy train. It sits here in our office, and occasionally when one of us really needs a therapeutic stress relief session or life- inspiring moments, we indulge in watching it crank its engines. See video footages of TrackEngine The Mascot at work.

Ground view
(MPEG - 4.0 MB)
Aerial view
(MPEG - 2.6 MB)
Close-up view
(MPEG - 2.8 MB)
Ground view
(Windows Media - 3.7 MB)
Aerial view
(Windows Media - 2.5 MB)
Close-up view
(Windows Media - 2.6 MB)
Ground view
(Real Video - 3.2 MB)
Aerial view
(Real Video - 2.1 MB)
Close-up view
(Real Video - 2.3 MB)

In fact, the TrackEngine mascot was a big hit at Comdex and CeBit. One visitor observed, "That is the most hi-tech thing I have seen at this exhibition." In fact, we even closed some sales of the mascot itself.

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